Project management software that works directly with Slack

Busybot makes it easy to manage your personal and team tasks, directly in Slack. Turn any message into a task, and Busybot will automatically organize everything by channel. Quick. Simple. Efficient
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Busybot is free to use for as long as you want, for teams of all sizes.
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Create tasks directly in chat

Just type @busybot and the name of the task, and Busybot will create it and track it for you

Add more detail

File attachments, descriptions, subtasks, due dates, comments, labels, view a full task history (and more!)

Quick task cloning

Need to carry out the same steps? Create common task templates for quick re-use

Set your own reminders

Customise your reminders so Busybot knows exactly how often you want to be nudged

Organized by channel

Tasks are automatically assigned to the channel they were created in, and can be moved between channels as required

Easy to track

Open your Busybot app to track the progress of all tasks. Now your whole team is on the same page

Don't let important decisions get lost in chat history

With Busybot, your focus remains on what’s important.

Once you create a task directly in a Slack chat, Busybot will help you add other features such as an assignee, due date, sub-tasks and reminders. Need to be reminded daily? Want to snooze because it’s not important yet? Busybot has got it covered.

Busybot is free to use for as long as you want for teams of all sizes.

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What people are saying

We surveyed some of the 13,555 organizations who use Busybot, and asked what has changed since they started using it. Here's what they said...
I am a big fan of Busybot. It has helped us save time and avoid wasted energy and duplication of efforts. We love how it seamlessly integrates with Slack so our team doesn't have to open another app and remember where to go to find out what they need to do for the day. Our productivity and communication has increased significantly around the things that should be getting done each day since we started using busybot.
Kate Romano, Hunter Vision
Slack integration is superb, it was an easy move from Asana. It has made Slack more work focused
Johan Perkins, WAA Chosen
It's super intuitive, functional and easy to use. It helped me reach a new level of productivity by managing what needs to be done.
Nev, Data Record Science
BusyBot is awesome! It's the only task management app that allows for seamless integration with Slack preserving the Slack interface rather than having to jump out to another task management app. It's intuitive and easy on the eyes and provides for an almost zero startup time to get up to speed. The ability to create tasks directly from Slack channels creates a set-it-and-forget-it workflow so you can keep collaborating and add details to tasks later. I've explored all the other Slack bots and integrations and BusyBot is the only one that's actually a joy to use! Cheers!
Mikel Cvetanovic
Simple to use. It stops my desk being covered in post-its.
James, Z Ltd
Holy beans. You can absolutely use my feedback as a testimonial... this app/bot allows me to adult like a motherfucker, I won't blush. Legit this program is facilitating me living my dream. I know it sounds a little cheesy but I'd be honored. Please continue the good work. Thank you so much for your time in creating this life changing tool!
KC Hoye, I can help
I LOVE Busybot! In our office, we have many different tasks and assignments and the little guy/gal helps us keep on track and meet our deadlines. Works great!
Jenna West
We have been using Busybot for a couple of months now and it is greatly helping our team to quickly and easily assign and track tasks across multiple projects. It’s intuitive web interface is especially useful to efficiently execute multiple operations and for each team member to get a complete view of all tasks assigned to them across projects. Strongly recommended!
Martin Verreault
Busybot has a very good integration with slack. It is really easy to add tasks and manage deadlines. Busybot makes time management more easy.
Marc Dirix, Antenna Company
I love how convenient Busybot is. Zero-bullshit task management. I love the way it is integrated with Slack, better than the ones I have tried before.
Natasha Yadav, Potato Skins
I've been using slack and busy bot for tracking my personal tasks across several projects rather than using it as a platform for team communication. I don't know if you see these emails, but thank you so so so so so much for this tool! After wandering in a haze of to-do lists for years, I can finally track my tasks across multiple projects. It's gone a long way towards helping me with time management, as well as making sure that I schedule time for myself. Pretty sure the busybot/ slack combo saved my sanity
KC Hoye, I can help
Keeps everyone on the same page
Kali Brayfield, Localmize
I really enjoy the ability to keep and track all tasks within slack and within the busybot page. We have migrated all of our current IMs, task and project tracking from Skype, Basecamp and Jira to using Slack and Busybot, along with Google Drive for document storage. Really enjoying the consolidation and team collaboration capabilities. Busybot has helped us to quickly turn standard conversations into action items with just a couple of clicks. . . It is super helpful in allowing everyone to see what open tasks are still pending for each project or for specific customer needs. We now track 100% of our monthly production tasks, and all special project tasks, via busybot. It has increased our accountability and productivity.
Eric Smith, Align Broadcasting (DataTech)
I love the easy to use interface and the fact that we can plan and assign tasks to members. Busybot has given me a better grip on my planning and that of my team.
Kevan Gallagher, Dutchwebshark
Tasking. I use it for my Project Support team where we can determine how many tasks are fielding and also personally can track our productivity
Jessica Quesada, Fieldwork
I'm so well impressed by this app. Very simple to use with all the features needed to manage tasks between a team. A plus that i like is the full integration it has with Slack. So far, outstanding!
Beppe Zizza
It has really helped improve our team's communication and efficiency. Noticeably with a very short space of time.
Mark Jones, F3 Life
I love everything its just a great tool!! It has helped my team stay more organized
Tasks handling. Its beautiful and user-friendly UI allows us to add tasks, add labels such as 'WIP' and 'Done'. Makes the work faster and better. I love tasks allocation, tasks handling, labels, and everything. Adding tasks, assigning them, adding labels, finishing them. Everything has a neat workflow.
Renuka Poluru, iOSys Data Solutions
Not only do I love not having to spend time and energy understanding how to use a productivity tool, I love how every member of my team doesn't have to battle the simplicity either. I love how well it integrates into Slack. I love the simplicity of just to-do lists with deadlines attached. I love being able to use this alongside scrum methodology without overly complicated story boards. It’s helped me spend less time understanding what needs to be done and more time doing what needs to be done.
Justin Chick, Hanley Wood
Well we use slack religiously and the ability to funnel additional tasks via Busybot are fantastic! It allows us to unify our daily use of Slack.
Dion Viles, Eight Loop Social
We are a younger organization with fast growth and a lot going on. Busybot has helped us keep things from slipping through the cracks and organize our tasks internally
Tanner, Awardco
It keeps me on target with my deadlines, and gives me a baseline to check my work and make sure no important elements of the job have been overlooked. We've used it in the early stages of a project and it brings to light a lot of issues that we'd encounter or think about much later in the project. Doing that lets us better raise the questions at an earlier point in time, before our hands are tied.
Daniel Burlew, Skyline Windows
It is simple but able to do more complicated things if need be. It allows both my boss and me to keep ourselves on schedule. Allows me to keep a task that has multiple parts still active but show that I have made progress. We are a small team but we have tasks that range in size, scope and time, this allows us to never drop the ball on something. Love the Slack integration!
Jesse Ulrich,
I use Busybot in addition to Google Calendar to help keep me and my team organized on a daily basis. It is either used to reinforce an important event or task or to better break-down the steps to completing a task. It is also successfully used for repeating (weekly/monthly) task items. It helps me keep track on when team members complete assigned tasks.
Robert Keto, Moe's Southwest Grill
Now I'm able to organize the team more effeciently
Lina, Pure Vape
We learned how to use it pretty much instantly and it felt like the tool was made for us. We began to find ways of structuring our personal and professional tasks . . . and suddenly, our life was finally organized. Busybot was the main reason that we increased our productivity. . . It seemed that most of our cognitive load was being used to remain organized, but after using busybot, we were finally free to focus on each task at hand . . . There's a long way to go for us, full of uncertainties, but busybot seems to be one of the only things we're sure that will be with us in the future.
Gui Bueno, Biscos
It has allowed me to refer people who need a project to the task list, allowing me to use my time more efficiently.
Sig Johnson, Swerve Robotics